Cedar+Rose Hair Tonic

Designer: Olo


A magical potion that transforms unruly and frizzy hair into luscious shiny mermaid locks. Apply 2 drops to damp hair ends and style as usual. I also like to apply it periodically on days of unwashing whenever my ends are looking like they need a little love. The oils are mixed with an incredible cedarwood and rose scent, subtle and sexy. 

"Argan oil is from the kernals of the argan tree. Originating in Morocco, argan oil contains a blend of over 70% oleic and linoleic acids as well as vitamin E, carotenes and phenols. It's great way to make your hair shiny and tame that frizz! Please only use OLO's Argan Oil Hair Tonic on your hair. Argan oil can really clog pores for some people and cause acne. It's only necessary to use one or two drops for your hair. I know it's tempting to experiment but leave your pretty face alone!"

Bottle is .5 onces with dropper, hand mixed in Portland Oregon. A little goes a long way, this will last months!
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